• Nancy O'Connor

Staying in touch during the time of COVID-19

I'm sure all the creatives and not so creatives out there will relate; times are tough at the moment.

But I can guarantee you this: YOU ARE NOT ALONE. Well, you might be physically but in spirit definitely not. This has become the time in which many of us have become more connected than ever. With Universities running tutorials and lectures through Zoom and quizzes becoming the weekly norm.

For many of us, it has been a chance to reflect and review. Reach out to those you may not have spoken to in a while and really build up those relationships.


Stationary and gift company Bookblock ( have created a really exciting initiative to help with this.


The campaign has collected a whole host of work from independent artists and made them into postcards which can be sent out to loved ones, friends and co-workers during the time of social distancing. They include work from Max Low, Bobbi Rae and Chris Clarke to name a few. The campaign allows you to make a donation to the NHS at the same time and so you can feel good, whilst doing good and sharing some love all at once!

I was lucky enough to be able to take part in this campaign and have had my design 'Swallow of Hope' listed on their website. The design can be found here at .


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