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Bottle Top Battle

Bottle Top Battle was designed with sustainability at its core. A game for all ages. 

The game has been designed so it can be completely laser cut and self assembled; this means that it can be made quite sustainably as it maximises use of material and can easily be shipped too.


In order to create the pieces for the game, I decided to use plastic bottle tops as currently, there is a worldwide problem with recycling them. Every local community has different rules for recycling depending on the capacity of the recycling plant and the different processors they have.


Bottle tops are made from a completely different plastic to the bottles themselves (which are widely recycled) and so the recycling process is completely different and potentially more expensive to carry out. In addition to this, the plastics used to create milk bottle tops varies from that used for the lids of sports bottles; therefore creating a bigger problem.

In the U.K alone, approximately 15 million bottles are consumed per day- each of which are produced and sold with a bottle top to seal it.


This bottle top conundrum was something that I was able to work with as there is a constant creation of these currently non-recyclable products.